How to Clean a DCS Grill

Grilling is one of the best ways to cook food nowadays as suggested by food experts and as what study shows. It was found out that grilling is more nutritious and safer than frying and roasting meat and even vegetables. Oil is off in this way of cooking so the risk of too much cholesterol to eaters is lesser. Grilling is done outdoors relatively because it produces smoke; and this is where the DCS or Dynamic Cooking Systems came into the scene to make helpful ways and to add formulated steps to improve our traditional ways of cooking.

Particularly for grilling, DCS just released their Gas Grills that can work outdoors and indoors! Their grills are designed to let people who do not want to do the cooking outside their kitchens and especially if the weather is not good enough to perform the task outdoors. DCS promises that their grills deliver excellent and an ultimate kind of performance when it comes to cooking.

Since food is the main part of every human life, proper way of cleaning and cooking the food is a must. Human intestines are very sensitive when it comes to the food the mouth swallows. Single bacteria will cause a lot of damage. Cook wares are expected to be zero percent germ-free because they are the ones who batter food to perfection when it comes to baking, roasting, frying, heating, boiling, poaching, steaming and grilling!

Here are the general ways on how to clean our DCS grills:

  • Carefully remove the grilling or warming rack from the surface. Bring them to the sink and soak in water to soften the remains or cooking residues. Help the process by gently rubbing the steel with soft dishwashing scrubs. Use mild dishwashing liquid or soap. Do not use bleach.
  • Let the water drip from the steel and wipe it with a clean micro-fiber or soft cloth.
  • Go back to the DCS unit; clean the cooking surface using a dry and clean cloth. If there are stains remove it using a damp cloth. Avoid splashing the area with water for it will damage the entire unit. Remember, DCS grills are run by electricity and some by battery.
  • Do not attempt to open the unit when you think it has dirt inside. Bring it to DCS service store for check up or inner-cleaning.
  • Check for any hidden dirt and animal residents on your unit before placing back the grids and removable heating rack.
  • Always take precautionary steps before and after cooking using your DCS grill.
  • Regularly wipe with a dry clean cloth the outer surface of your DCS grill to remove collected dust.

DCS cook wares are mostly made out from stainless steels. Improper handling and cleaning will cause them to deteriorate and shorten the period of their usage. Direct in contact with sunlight and water will cause unwanted damages. Avoid harmful, hard and pointed object to touch your DCS grills, they will cause dents and scratch the surface.

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